Sanitizing Schools and Day Care

Sanitizing School and infection controlSchools and days care facilities have been tied to the use of bleach for decades.  After all, it is cheap and it does a pretty good job.  It is also the source of strong VOCs, and a dangerous chemical that can cause serious injuries.  Fortunately, there are better products that do not come with haunting health concerns for staff and students.

Please do not confuse cleaning with sanitizing, resident odors, chemical residue, allergy abatement, or mold mitigation.  Environmental remediation is well above the daily cleaning program.  So, keep up the good work of cleaning, but look at the other issues that can be causing absenteeism, the spread of infection, allergy concerns, or hidden health problems.

Our Amazing Fresh Air treatment is a safety net for the larger concerns that cleaning barely touches.  To start with, infection control requires a more proactive approach.  Due to the heavy cost of numerous workers hand-scrubbing the facility once an infection has hit, one person from our team uses a No Touch process to treat the entire facility using our proprietary h2o2 spray to sanitize all surfaces.  The product produces a 99.99999% kill of all types of pathogens.

But there's more.....

Amazing Fresh Air Systems also destroys all odors that may haunt your building, kitchen, gym, and shower room.  

Our treatment neutralizes chemical residue and reduces allergenic threats.  It also kills mold, mildew, algae, and fungus.

Yet, our product is EPA registered, non-toxic, biodegradable, and leave no chemical residue of its own.