Pet Odors in an Investment Property

Old Home SmellsChad Ayers of OdorXout Carolinas has been in the business for several years now.  He started with ozone as his mainstay solution, and he has been successful in removing odors and sanitizing buildings through the Charlotte, NC area.  What every professional eventually learns is that there is no one solution for every problem.  Even though ozone is a very effective odor removal process, it still has its limitations.  

Recently a real estate investor called Chad with a "Smelly House" problem.  This was mostly a pet odor problem, but the house had a notable "Old Smell" that isn't uncommon in older homes.  Such odors are hard to locate or isolate.  So, the treatment must be comprehensive treating all areas of the house.  

Of late, Chad has been doubling his effectiveness by following an ozone treatment with a spray treatment of Decon Five.  The result is that the jobs are done in less time, but deliver better results than ozone alone.  Ozone treatments may require several hours to accomplish the task.  This means the family or workers must be out of the building for an extended time.  And, ozone will have a residual smell that eventually goes away.  

Using Decon Five, Chad can shorten the time required to deliver a professional odor removal service, there is no ozone after-smell, and the customers are always pleased at the results.

When using the Decon Five treatment, the customer gets more than the elimination of an odor problem.  The process sanitizes the house, improves indoor air quality, kills mold and mildew, and neutralizes any chemical residue.  Many customers breathe easier, sleep better, and have reduce reactions to ambient pollution or allergens.

The Decon Five is a broad-spectrum detoxification and decontamination process meaning the process solves multiple environmental issues.  The success rate with Decon Five exceeds any other product or treatment we have found.