Mold Spore Count with Decon Five

Mold Inspection Particle CounterJerry Dicus is a very experienced mold professional in the Lima, Ohio area.  His company is Earth Safe, and he has treated nearly every kind of mold condition possible.  Jerry has been one of our best resources for testing the effect of mold treatments with Decon Five.  After several applications of Decon Five in mold infested buildings, Jerry uses a particle counter to measure the building before and after a mold remediation treatment.

Jerry reports a recent industrial building in Lima, Ohio had a serious mold problem.  The particle count war ranging between 1000 and 6000 on the meter, which is a heavy mold problem.  During the remedation process, Jerry treated the area with Decon Five, and came back the next day to measure the mold spore count.

The next day mold spore count was less than 50, which was excellent.  This is not the first time Jerry has tested the particle count before and after a Decon Five treatment.  New to this spray-on product, Jerry does not take advertising boasts at face value.  That is why he has growing confidence in using Decon Five for mold remedation problems.

Other remediators, like Jeff Pattison in Katy, Texas has been treating post-flood buildings.  He is always pleased to see the mold and contaminates "Turn Color" as they are sprayed with Decon Five.  The mold and mildew dies on contact with Decon Five, and the foul odors from the flood water are completely eliminated.

Treatment with Decon Five will kill mold and mildew on contact, provide a high level of sanitizing, eliminates all types of odors, and neutralizes residual chemical pollutants in one single treatment.  To find a local processional in your area, visit the Amazing Fresh Air website.