Impressive ATP Tests at a Veterinary Clinic

Dean Mangum of Central Biogreen Solutions, has an ATP meter that he uses to validate the work he does.  Recently, Dean tested two areas that he later treated with Decon Five.  The ATP meter is a real-time test that is indicative of the presence of bacteria.  So, the greater the reading, the greater the concern for disease.

ATP refers to Adenosine Triphosphate, which is found in and around living organisms like bacteria.  The ATP test is a process of rapidly measuring actively growing microorganisms through detection of adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

DATE RUN # KENNEL # Pre-Treatment Post-Treatment
10/10/17 1 2 174 8
10/10/17 1 3 129 4
10/10/17 1 4 118 7


There is no need to run and buy a $1500 ATP meter, but is is very nice of Dean to share his results with the others on our team.  Fundamentally, we just want some real-life confirmation that Decon Five has once again lived up to the promises made in the advertising.  And, it has.  

Decon Five offers a 99.99999% (seven-log) sanitizing power with an easy-to-apply "No Touch" treatment.  This greatly speeds up the sanitizing process as this level of sanitizing usually requires several workers scrubbing every inch of the facility with a sanitizing product.  Regard of the cost for Decon Five, the manhours to perform the service are save many times over.

In another testing circumstance, Jerry Dicus of Earth Safe Environmental uses a Particle Meter to test for the presence of mold.  Mold spores range in size around 10-30 micron.  In a home with mold, he found particle counts of 1100 to 1500.  After the mold remediation and treatment with Decon Five, the counts dropped to 50-64.  This is an excellent result.

In another test on a commercial building, he found levels of 1500 to 3500.  After the remediation and treatment with Decon Five, the counts were around 50.

BOTTOM LINE:  Decon Five is a stellar product that not only promises great things.  Decon Five delivers exception results.