Germ Guard for a Healthy Business

Germ Guard for Healthy BusinessThe service providers of Amazing Fresh Air can now offer a recognition for businesses that are diligent in protecting workers and patrons from infectious disease, toxic pollution, and mold and fungi.  

While infections may be the most obvious cause of sickness among workers or customers, there is more to a healthy building.  Every building has something called a "Bioload" of environmentally-bad threats.  For example, how often does mold and fungus creep into neglected areas.  Mold is a known health problem and affects the more sensitive people in the building.

Also, years of daily activities introduce pollution, toxins, contaminants, and VOCs into the building.  Even floor care products, sprays, and cleaning products introduce a constant flow of new chemicals into the closed environment and the ventilation system.

Treating the facility with Decon Five impacts the Indoor Air Quality on many levels.  Decon Five is a broad spectrum treatment that brings a 99.99999% sanitizing to all areas of the building.  As a "No Touch" system, there is no danger of cross-contamination.  So, the treatment can easily treat kitchens, back room, bathrooms, and work areas.

This EPA registered product is also approved for food preparation and food serving areas.  There is no toxic chemical residue.  In fact, any of the residual chemical buildup will be effectively neutralized by the treatment.

But, there's more.  Your facility has other health issues, even if they are not as immediate as an infectious disease.  The Decon Five treatment also kills mold and mildew on contact.  And, it strips the contaminants out of the air.  The treatment can solve mystery odors, invisible health threats, and years of pollution in one treatment.

However, we all know that cleaning and sanitizing is not a one-time event.  We work with your team of cleaners to bring a high level of sanitizing, detoxification, and decontamination.  In the end, your facility will never be healthier than after our Decon Five treatment.  

To earn the Germ Guard certification for your facility, contact one of our Service Providers