Florida Church Mold Treatment

Florida Church mold problemHarald Dett has a big heart, and when he learned that Temple Missionary Baptist Church has a growing mold problem in one of its rooms, Harald offered to treat the problem.  As everyone knows, Florida is has perfect conditions for mold.  It is humid, has a lot of rain, and wood structures are a favorite food source for mold.

Harald reports that the smell of mold was notable as soon as anyone walked in the door of the building.  If mold is left untreated, it will not go away.  Solving the problem quickly will save money and alleviate some potential health issues.  Apparently, a leak had allowed water to get into the corner of the room.  And, it doesn't take much to feed a growing mold problem.

Decontaminates Five will kill mold and mildew on contact, and the spray treatment throughout the building removed the smell and neutralize any wayward mold spores.

It is fair to note that a full mold remediation treatment would require opening the wall to ascertain the extent of the mold problem and the source of the water leak.  So, this initial treatment solved the problem at the most obvious level.  

Mold is a serious health issue.  Some mold is allergenic, and other types of mold are toxigenic.  Either will aggravated respiratory conditions, but toxigenic mold will gradually make anyone sick.  A mold test can determine the type of mold and its health threat.  Regardless of the type of mold, the treatment is still to kill it, clean the mold away, solve the water leak, and apply a mold inhibiting solution prior to the reconstruction of the areas.

Harald Dett works out of the Jupiter, Florida area.  He offers professional services that include odor removal, sanitizing, indoor air quality treatments, and mold treatments.  

As a captain in his past life, he has a special interest in working with boat and yacht owners to remove the odd and foul smells common to boaters.  Boats have a mixture of fuel, septic, and mildew problems that requires a broad-spectrum process to solve multiple odor and contamination problem in one treatment.  Decon Five is the goto product, and the results are spectacular.

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