Decon Five Saves $6000 in Mold Costs

Removing Mold from Drapes

Mike Busch is a seasoned veteran in the cleaning business.  His service Cleaner Image Solutions specializes in drapes, curtains, and blinds.  However, he company is capable of doing whole building remediations.  Mike just tried Decon five on a customer's problem with mold on used blinds.  Here is the story in his own words:

"Just a quick feedback.Friday a homeowner in a panic called because her 2 year old Luminette Privacy Draperies had mold. The retailer she purchased them from felt they needed to be replaced.

This am I went to inspect the item. After taking time to explain the cause, I offered to make them like new again.

This time I used H2O2Decon for the first time. After vacuuming the draperies, I applied the Decon five mix as a prespotter before normal cleaning.  By the time I got to the affected areas the mold was completely gone. I flushed the per normal to complete the job. This was the easiest mold removal experience I've ever had, and no typical heavy peroxide odor.

The Luminettes looked new, customer very happy. Retailer not so much - she thought she had a $6K replacement sale. Not now."

This is an excellent story because it was the first experience with Decon Five.  It seems the more we know about this, the better it get. Decon Five is proving to be the best All-in-One product we have ever seen in the remediation business.  

Some have asked if Decon Five might harm delicate fabrics and household goods.  The answer is that, if the product is professionally applied, the results are remarkable.  Remember, we still get odor elimination, sanitizing, and chemical decontamination in addition to an excellent mold killing product.