Mold Treatments in Post-Flood Houston

Hurricane Harvey CleanupJeff Pattison of Dominion Environmental Services lives in Katy, Texas.  He is a certified home inspector and a remediation specialist.

Smoke Odors Removed from House

Dean Mangum of Central BioGreen Solutions has introduced the latest technology for removing all types of bad odors from home, apartments, and offices.  The use of ozone is one method of destroying smoke odors, but this is a time consuming process that leaves an ozone smell for days after application.  

Decontamination with the Benefit of Insect Control

Jerry Dicus is a true professional when it comes to mold remediation.  Earth Safe Ozone has used ozone as one of the primary tools for mold kill.

Remove Smoke Smell from Apartments

Remove Smoke SmellEvery property manager has to deal with a myriad of problems.  One of the constant problems is smoke odor in vacant apartments.  Of course, you can paint over the smoke problem and foolishly hope that will solve the problem.  But, painting over the smoke odor only traps it, and the smoke odor will gradually leach out for years to come.

Cat Urine Smell 100% Gone!

Cat Urine OdorKeith used our revolutionary Activated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) to treat every inch of the building.  Cat urine odors tend to migrate and can be hard to locate.  To be effective, it is best to take a holistic approach.  So, the best approach is a full house decon treatment.

There are more than one problem in many homes that the AHP process will also solve.  AHP is a powerful sanitizer offering a 99.9999% germ killing treatment.  AHP will kill mold and mildew and remove those sour mold smells.