Amazing Safe Restaurants

Amazingly Safe RestaurantThe Amazing Fresh Air process is EPA registered for food prep and eating areas.  The only exception is removing or covering food during the treatment.

Restaurants present a critical mix of cleaning and sanitizing issues.  The grease and organic materials can set the stage for serious odor and sanitizing concerns.  The Amazing Fresh Air treatment is not intended to replace normal cleaning, but to provide a comprehensive treatment that can be applied weekly or monthly.

The Amazing Fresh Air treatment is a true "No Touch" application meaning the process does not require a team of works and hours of time.  Instead, our spray-on treatment reaches every nook, recessed are, and touches all surface.

Odor Elimination is just the first amazing benefit.  The treatment provides a seven log sanitizing impact.  That is 99.99999% pathogen kill.  This means the greatest liabilities of any restaurant: Bad odors and germs can seriously impact the reputation of any restaurant.  Your reputation is easy to lose and hard to get back.

In most cases, a full treatment can be applied in about an hour as long as they cleaning is done prior to treatment.  Full operation can resume in 10-15 minutes after the application.

BONUS:  Request the Arthro version and discover that all insects are destroyed during the application
Still toxin free, biogradable, and leave no chemical residue

Odors Eliminated - Germs Sanitized - Chemicals Neutralized - Mold and Fungus Killed